May 25 Special Vestry Meeting Minutes

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Arlington, VA
Minutes, May 25, 2017

In attendance:   Julia Carter, Dan Plafcan, Karen Ruff, Thomas Sheldon, Mary Cushing & Michele Casciano

The meeting opened with a prayer.


‘Steps Along the Path’ will be ready for posting by the end of the week, incorporating data from the survey and edits from the Vestry retreat.

Stewardship Workshop: June 24, 2017

$30/per person @ Epiphany Episcopal Church in Herndon

Karen is interested in attending & encouraged anyone else who might like to join her in learning more on this topic.

Summer Schedule:

  • The idea of changing the service times was announced at both services last Sunday.
  • 8am service remains the same; there was not enough support to change the 10am service.
  • Another alternative change to consider is holding Sunday school before v after the 10:00 service
  • Recommend to table this conversation for further conversation with the new Rector.
  • Rosemari is lining up supply organists through June as David continues to recover.

The main point of this meeting was to review additional changes to the Community Ministry Profile (CMP) so that it could be available for publication in the June 2017 clergy communication.

Minor changes were made to Section IV: Narrative, Questions 11 & 12 only.

Vote to approve the CMP document as amended.

HUGE THANKS to the profile committee!

 At Sunday’s retreat, it was suggested that to manage expectations for the search process a “Charge of the Vestry to the Search Committee” be created. (A sample doc from Grace Episcopal Church was distributed.) Michele agreed to use the sample as a guide & draft a document that might aid both the Vestry & the Search Committee as we work through this process.

Next Vestry meeting = 7:30pm Tues., June 6th

Provided all necessary parties are available. This will be a joint meeting with Vestry & Search Cmt to discuss the “Charge of the Vestry to the Search Cmt.”

Regular Vestry meeting – 7:30pm Tues., June 20th

The meeting was concluded with prayer.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm

Respectfully submitted, Michele Casciano

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