October Vestry Meeting Notes

Monthly Meeting of the Vestry
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church, Upper Classroom
October 18, 2016

Attendees: Tad McCall, Karen Ruff, Alice Thomas, Mary Cushing, Julia Carter, Dwight Denson, Cathey Dugan, Dan Plafcan, and Tom Sheldon
Not Present: Not applicable.

Actions Taken:

  1. Vestry approved Minutes from the September 2016 meeting.
  2. Vestry approved Treasurer’s Report with September 2016 financial reports.
  3. Vestry approved going into Executive Session for the last part of the meeting.

The Vestry meeting opened at 7:33 p.m. led with prayer by Cathey Dugan. A quorum was present. Expressions of abundance were expressed by all.

Minutes from September Meeting & Finance Committee Report (7:39 – 7:47 p.m.)

September financial reports were good overall. We took in over $1,000 in donations toward the farewell dinner for Mother Leslie. Final cost for the dinner was $2,800. The August 16, 2016 minutes reflect the Vestry’s decision to draw from the Staff Development Fund (Line 9) to cover part of the cost. We only used $1,075 from that fund to help pay expenses. This was lower than originally anticipated. Our TD Bank Checking Account (Line 1125) has a September 30, 2016 balance of $123,023. The Elevator Savings Fund is up by 3%, and will be adjusted when we establish next year’s budget. On the Profit & Loss Statement, Pledges (Line 4100) for September came in at $15,595. Other Contributions (Line 4101) were at $1,721. Total Pledges were $17,316.

Stewardship Campaign (7:47 – 7:49 p.m.)

Commitment Sunday is November 13, 2016. Those who have volunteered to speak about Stewardship include Mick Sutter (10:00 a.m. service) and Dean Scribner (8:00 a.m. service). Dan Plafcan volunteered to speak, and it was noted that Tad McCall will speak closer toward the end of the Stewardship Campaign. More volunteers may be needed.

MFiF Report (7:49 – 8:00 p.m.)

The Hufcor room dividers have been installed. The carpet in the downstairs classroom and hallway, Nave, Narthex, foyer, stairs, Rector’s office, and administrative office are set to be cleaned on October 25, 2016. The cost totals $380. Volunteers will be requested to help move furniture out of the classrooms and offices the evening of October 24th. Volunteers will also be needed to help move things back. The storage area and Nursery are swapping places; this allows for more kid-friendly space that includes a sink. The Parish Hall floor will be replaced sometime in early November. Regarding the roof, the Senior Warden sent an email earlier in the day to John Hughes, Mick Sutter, John Kelleher, and Wil Harkins. The Junior Warden and the Treasurer were copied. We need two things, the first of which involves short-term repair to stop the leaks around the skylights and the portion of the roof which is flat. Funds from Major Maintenance (Line 3003) will be used to cover the patch work. We used Gutterman Services, Inc. work on our roof previously. We will obtain two estimates, and choose from those. The Vestry, along with guidance from the Finance Committee, will also begin thinking about the long-term roofing needs.

Care of Creation (8:00 – 8:05 p.m.)

Based on the conversations we’ve had with Elenor Hodges of Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE), St. Michael’s volunteered to help out with ACE’s “Energy Masters” program. Elenor will be in touch with Tom over what is needed, but likely the work will include providing lunch for the other ACE volunteers, and helping out where needed. There is no age requirement. Provided there is no conflict, December 3, 2016 was chosen as the tentative date for St. Michael’s to volunteer.

Visioning, Planning, and Assessment Committee (8:05 – 8:11 p.m.)

The Committee had their second meeting on October 16, 2016. The Committee is almost done assessing the Steps Along the Path document. The next meeting will address current goals to see how everything fits together. Once the Committee has developed a framework, they will reach out to the Vestry and Parish for input. The Committee will also work on developing an overall Mission Statement for St. Michael’s. They will continue their work, in conjunction with the Vestry.

Youth Ministry Update (8:11 – 8:23 p.m.)

It was noted that we are in need of a Sunday School teacher for the upper elementary age kids. Dan is currently teaching the middle schoolers, and Melanie is teaching the lower elementary age kids. Regarding addressing larger issues of Youth Ministry, Dan has been working in conjunction with Melanie Monahan. Dan provided the Vestry with both a Youth Ministry Assessment and Planning document, as well as a proposed Sunday School syllabus for 6th – 12th Graders. The planning document addresses the need for an overarching organizational structure and communication outreach strategies. A proposed Youth Ministry Committee would be comprised of five people, with Melanie as the Chair. One member of the Vestry, as well as the Rector, would provide liaison assistance. We would have to determine where such a Committee would fit into the organizational chart of St. Michael’s. This proposal is a culmination of the past year’s effort by Dan, Melanie, and the Rector. The Vestry agreed these documents should get the attention they deserve; therefore, discussion of Youth Ministry plans will be added to the November 15, 2016 Vestry Meeting Agenda.

Executive Session (8:23 – 9:21 p.m.)

Junior Warden’s Closing Remarks (9:21 – 9:23 p.m.)

The Vestry was thanked for all their hard work.

Senior Warden’s Closing Remarks (9:23 – 9:25 p.m.)

The Vestry was again thanked. Gratitude was expressed for the respect of all opinions. We will interview a second candidate for Interim Rector, and we will attempt to set that date for November 1, 2016.


Dan volunteered to lead prayers at the next Vestry meeting, to be held on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Cathey led us in a closing prayer. The meeting adjourned at 9:27 p.m.

These minutes respectfully submitted by Cathey Dugan.

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