September Outreach Offering

ChildFundThe September outreach offering will support the five children St. Michael’s sponsors through ChildFund International. We have engaged in five sponsorships for many years, and some of our previously sponsored children have graduated from the program. Our currently sponsored children are Gabriel in Brazil (7), Nicholas in Ecuador (8), Dery in Honduras (11), Mailyn in the Philippines (15), and Wihelmina in Indonesia (17). Our support helps to ensure that essential necessities (nutrition, health care, education, clean water, etc.) are provided to the sponsored children, their families, and the villages they live in.
This last spring, members of our youth choir wrote letters to Gabriel, Dery, and Nicolas, who are all about the same age as the choristers who wrote to them. The letters to Dery and Nicolas were written in Spanish, their native language, by Zoe Korejwo and Annabelle Monahan. Suzanna Monahan wrote to Gabriel in English. Letters were also sent to our two older sponsored children, Mailyn and Wihelmina. Letters are sent and received through ChildFund interpreters in the various countries so it takes some additional time for our letters to them and their letters to us to be delivered, but we have just received a reply to Suzanna’s letter to Gabriel, which will be posted on the outreach bulletin board downstairs.

Your contributions to this important outreach effort are much appreciated. For more information about ChildFund International, please visit their website or contact our Mission & Outreach Committee via Caroline Haynes.

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