A-SPAN Winter Outreach

I thank God for wool. I mean I am truly, deeply thankful. Perhaps you don’t feel that way so much. Perhaps it is itchy for you. Maybe down is what you are glad for on these cold winter days. No matter your preferred fabric, we all agree that being cold is not just uncomfortable, but at times painful. We can all thank God for our warm winter wear, except those who don’t have any. Donating a coat that you rarely use any more because you have a newer one, or buying nice thick socks to give to the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) gives more joy than what one might casually think. In January, St. Michael’s gave 12 coats, 5 bags of new hats and gloves, and 6 packages of new undershorts and socks to A-SPAN. The recipients of your gifts feel a true, deep gratitude to you. The Bible instructs us to feed and clothe the homeless, and the result of doing such warms us all.

Throughout February, the outreach basket collection for A-SPAN is focused on personal hygiene items. The shelter still prefers personal sized toiletries. Contact a member of the Mission & Outreach committee for additional information on needed items or delivery.


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