Preparing Holy Gifts for Holy People: The Altar Guild

With this issue of The Guardian, we begin a new initiative to highlight a particular ministry every month. We will learn more about that ministry: the who, what, where, how, and why. On the fourth Sunday of the month, we’ll hear from those who are doing the work of God both within and without the walls of the church. As we saw in our fabulous Ministry Fair this fall, so much is happening at St. Michael’s. Let’s celebrate that!

For January we highlight a ministry that is essential and exists in all Episcopal churches, but is especially vibrant at St. Michael’s: the Altar Guild. In this issue of The Guardian, I commend the article from our truly outstanding Altar Guild Director, the remarkable Linda Denson! As a priest, I can say that Linda and our Altar Guild are simply the best there is. They are dedicated and have fun in the process of setting up everything so that worship is seamless and beautiful. The Altar Guild is a great way to learn more about how the worship of a church happens; you’ll never look at linens or the silver in the same way once you’ve helped with Altar Guild. Don’t know anything about what the Altar Guild does? They’ll teach you all you need to know!

I am always grateful for Linda’s leadership and for the Altar Guild’s work, but I must give a special THANK YOU to them for the amazing work of making the Parish Hall a worshipful space during the time of the refurbishment of the church nave. So many noted that it was a holy time, and that was completely due to Linda’s vision and the hard work of the Altar Guild members setting up each week. At least one person noted how easy it was to worship downstairs. That’s because the hard work was done by Linda and her team as she spent days at St. Michael’s each week working and guiding volunteers both from within the Altar Guild and without to get set up and prepared each week.

I encourage you to talk to Linda and consider participating in the ministry of the Altar Guild!

Leslie Hague+

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