August Vestry Meeting Notes

Monthly Meeting of the Vestry
August 18, 2015

Attendees: Mother Leslie, Dan Botticello, Dwight Denson, Cathey Dugan, Tad McCall, Karen Ruff, Tom Sheldon, Alice Thomas; Absent: Molly French, Sandra Phaup

Actions Taken

  1. Vestry approved Minutes from our July meeting.
  2. Vestry approved Treasurer’s Report with the July financial reports.
  3. Vestry approved proposal from ABCO to purchase & install a new range and disposal for $6,005.

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 pm by Mother Leslie, and Alice led us in prayers.

The prior month’s Vestry Minutes were approved with no further discussion.

 Treasurer’s and Finance Committee Report

The Finance Committee noted that the financial reports as of 7/31/2015 continued to show receipt of pledges consistently lower than budgeted (95%), and total income 92% of budgeted. Total income for same period in 2014 was 102% of budgeted amount. Actual 2015 expenses are 90% of the budgeted amount. YTD bottom line is $3,400 in the red – better than the $10,432 deficit budgeted! The Financial Reports were approved at 7:45 pm.

The Committee discussed the points noted by the in-house Audit of 2014 financials. (1) No conclusion was reached complying with Diocesan guidance that “those counting funds should never be those able to authorize disbursements”, which thereby prohibits Vestry members from serving as Counters (of Sunday receipts). (2) They agreed to have a small committee headed by John Hughes review annual insurance coverage (liability). (3) Auditors are required to view every check sent by the church over $1,000; the current TD Bank account profile permits on-line viewing of checks for only three months. Rather than change account profiles (to maintain $40,000 minimum balance), the Committee recommends asking the Parish Administrator to keep a file of signed checks over $1,000 for view by the Auditors.

Other Committee topics: The Rector and Senior Warden extended an invitation to a parishioner to serve as 2016-17 Treasurer. A new member of the Finance Committee itself also is needed. Helen Hines in her capacity as leader of the Harvest/Festival stated her willingness to spend $3,500 of that account on the new kitchen stove, and the likelihood of also purchasing the new disposal pending 2015 Festival receipts.

MFIF Construction Report & Financing

Alice provided a written update including “parish projects”. New items were:

  • She presented the proposal from vendor ABCO for purchase & installation of the selected commercial kitchen range & disposal totaling $6,005. The Vestry approved her motion to purchase, supplementing the MFIF funds with the $3,500 offered by the Harvest/Festival Fund. It was noted that the disposal had not been on the original MFIF project list, but the range had been.
  • Phase II contract with Marion continues to evolve. The chosen electrical subcontractor and our lighting designer discussed hardware requirements, reducing that part of the contract by $11,500. The GC had received three proposals from painting subcontractors – all averaging around $30,000. He recommended we incorporate the painting in this phase.
  • Alice told GC Marion that around $80,000 remains in the original MFIF account after a Phase II contract. The GC will propose options for accomplishing priority tasks.
  • Alice suggested a “buy a square foot of flooring” campaign to increase pledges to MFIF. It was decided to initiate this after the annual stewardship campaign.

Task Forces on Ministry

  • Tom Sheldon reported high energy & excitement of the planners of the September 27 Ministry Fair. They had received lots of input on their poll of “describe your ministry” and were compiling it.
  • Tom and Leslie will meet on August 30 with the folks interested in encouraging more “beyond-the-pew” participation at St. Michael’s.
  • (Older) Youth Ministry: Dan Plafcan has been obtaining input from youth and their families; after this “data call”, he will assist in formulating a vision or strategy statement for our youth ministry.

Stewardship Campaign (2016 church financial year)

Karen Ruff (Chair of the campaign) presented a draft letter. A few changes were made. The final letter will be provided at the Vestry’s September 15th meeting for every member’s signature, and be mailed to each parishioner to arrive before the first Sunday in October. Karen and Mtr. Leslie are finding parishioners to offer verbal testimonies at each service during this annual stewardship campaign.

Ministry Liaison Reports

  • Annual weekend at Shrine Mont will be led by St. Michael’s Interim Rector 2001-2002.
  • Mary Cushing is working with the office on increasing recycling awareness within the church, tying into the annual Stewardship theme;
  • Tad will add the Buildings and Grounds Committee to his tasking for recruitment at the September Ministry Fair;
  • Sunday Children’s Chapel will begin after the county schools start;
  • Dwight reminded us to plan to serve as greeters at the Fall Festival on November 14.

Rector’s Report

  • Requested prayers for her and the many parishioners requiring pastoral care;
  • The Wednesday night gatherings to learn about Episcopal prayer traditions continues with enthusiastic attendance;
  • St. Michael’s is officially a selection on the “Amazon Smiles” website, and 0.5% of each purchase will be sent to the parish; details in the next Guardian.
  • August 29 at 10 am is the Memorial Service for Jim Truitt, with interment to follow;
  • September 5 is the blessing of the union of Kurt Hyde and Evelio Rubiella; the marriage of Jennifer Marley and Christian Lowry will be on September 26;
  • September 9 Mtr. Leslie will meet parishioners to discuss reforming a Hospitality Ministry (formerly known as “Loaves and Fishes”);
  • Mtr. Leslie’s prior Clergy Sabbatical was in 2008, so she is eligible for one in 2016. She has begun the process of applying for Lilly Foundation Grant (proposal due 4/2016) which would fund not only a project for her but also subsidize St. Michael’s expenses during her absence. Regardless of the outcome of her grant proposal, she will plan a sabbatical for 2017.
  • September 26 is the neighborhood Stop Hunger Now meal boxing and parish participation is requested.
  • The scheduled six-month Performance Review of our Parish Administrator occurs soon. Mtr. Leslie and Wil keep in regular touch so no issues are expected.

Senior Warden’s Report

Molly’s information is included above as provided in her absence.

Junior Warden’s Report

  • Deferred from the July meeting was agreement on major elevator maintenance proposals by Kone. Wil had estimated $200 as the average monthly cost of repairs done as-needed based on Kone’s rates and scheduled costs. Kone’s “CarePlus” annual maintenance contract averages to $285.60 monthly. The Vestry requested Tad obtain clarification on (1) whether parts are included in CarePlus, or only labor; (2) the frequency of Kone’s inspections and does that schedule consider the usage-level of our elevator (we assume our usage is below the average for these modules). Tad will ask the Vestry to confirm a maintenance proposal as soon as he provides answers to these questions. The CarePlus contract payment would be incurred immediately since coverage would start immediately (there is no regular maintenance or inspection contracted now, although $3,500 is in the 2015 budget).

No new business was put forward. Cathey agreed to lead prayers at the September meeting (15th). The Vestry meeting adjourned at 9:00 and Alice led us in Compline.

Respectfully submitted,
Alice Thomas, Register

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