Task Forces for Ministries and Volunteers Kick Off!

On Jun. 17, ministry leaders and interested parishioners gathered for a kick-off meeting for a new effort to enhance engagement of St. Michael’s parishioners in ministries. Participants joined in a lively discussion about the need for and purpose of the two proposed task forces: one focused on ministries and another focused on the people serving in those ministries (currently referred to as “volunteers” or “lay participants”). Although they are technically two efforts, everyone agreed that ministries and volunteers are two sides of the same coin. The abundance of active ministry was celebrated, and participants acknowledged some existing challenges, such as the full range of ministry opportunities not being well known.

The following are the initial task forces’ charges and some relevant highlights from the kick off. Of course, the task forces are likely to evolve as work gets underway. The two groups may first meet together to refine the focus and scope of work of each, in part so the groups don’t duplicate efforts.

  • Ministries Task Force has a focus on educating parishioners about the abundance of current ministries and helping ministries engage new participants. The group is charged with organizing a Ministries Fair on St. Michael’s Sun., Sep. 27, so the planning should begin soon. The Jun. 17 participants suggested a few ways to strengthen the fair as a tool for education and recruitment.
  • ¬†Volunteers/Lay Participation Task Force has a focus on strengthening how ministries recruit, prepare, retain, and celebrate volunteers as well as exploring new ministries to respond to unmet needs and parishioners’ gifts of the Spirit. The Jun. 17 participants suggested an initial step could be finding a way to identify parishioners’ talent and interests, with potential resources from The Holy Geek. Fostering “ownership” of ministry among the laity should also be considered. More task force members are welcome! Please contact the Parish Office if interested in participating.
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