March Vestry Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting of the Vestry

March 17, 2015

Attendees: Mother Leslie, Dan Botticello, Dwight Denson, Cathey Dugan, Molly French, Tad McCall, Sandra Phaup, Karen Ruff, Tom Sheldon; Absent: Alice Thomas

Special Guests: Helen Hines, Tim Matlack, and Wil Harkins

Karen Ruff opened the meeting with prayer at 7:35 PM.

Financial Procedures:

St Michael’s Treasurer, Helen Hines, described the church financial procedures to the vestry. Her report described how St Michael’s accounts for our assets and records our expenditures. She went through each item of our operating fund, and described the differences among long-term funds, mid-term, and operational funds.

Wil Harkins, Pledge Secretary described how income received each week comes through the counters and is placed into the correct account. The checks are prepared by our accountant based on a check request. Wil then described the various procedures for processing the requests and turning them into checks, including checks to meet emergency needs.

Sometimes donations of stock are given to St. Michael’s. The diocese acts as our broker and does not charge a commission for converting the donation to cash for St Michael’s.

Tim Matlack reminded the vestry that pledges are the biggest source of church funds. Historically, St Michael’s has done a reasonable job of reminding the parish of the importance of the pledging. The vestry then agreed that this year we would prepare for the pledge campaign earlier in the year than we have in the last two years. We will start our preparations in May and launch the pledge drive in September after Shrine Mont.

The vestry plans to conduct a special forum with the parish to discuss parish finances. The Capital Campaign demonstrated the value of involving the parish in the decision process and honing the priorities in terms that all understood. In addition, we will create a way to show the parish where the expenditures are allocated throughout the year.

The special guests were dismissed with great appreciation for their input.

Abundance, Cheers, & Tears–The vestry shared their perceptions of abundance at St Michaels and in their lives.

Actions Taken:

  1. The vestry approved the Monthly Minutes from February and the Treasurer’s Report.
  2. The vestry received the Finance Committee Report
  3. The vestry approved the Capital Campaign Report

Finance Committee Report: The Finance Committee is reviewing and considering updating their procedures. The committee discussed future updates to security such as rekeying locks and a system to protect online account passwords. The Finance Committee recommended to the vestry the movement of funds from an investment account held at the diocese to our bank account to facilitate easier disbursement. The vestry approved this via e-mail.

After our initial capital expenses for the rectory, the HVAC, and the windows, St. Michaels will have about $30,000 of cash in hand in the capital campaign with contributions continuing over the next two years, but at lower amounts as some parishioners made a single contribution early in the campaign. The Finance Committee requests that the vestry consider borrowing funds from other St. Michael’s mid- and long-term funds to cover specific expenses to upgrade the church through the end of 2015. The funds would be reimbursed as contributions from the capital campaign are received. No specific requests were made at this time. The conversation was to prepare the vestry for the need to consider future actions.

Extra funds were found in the pilgrimage fund, and repayment to the pilgrims is being considered.

Moving Forward in Faith: (Capital Campaign) A breakdown of proposed costs for the next steps in the capital campaign was provided. The breakdown included HVAC replacement costs. Replacement of thirty-seven casement windows with new energy efficient vinyl window is another project It will take 5-6 weeks to custom-make the windows.

Approximately $343, 000 was pledged during the Capital Campaign. Slightly more than $80,000 has been spent to repair the rectory. The HVAC replacement units will cost $24K and the thirty-seven new, more energy efficient vinyl windows will cost $35K. After adding a 15% general contractor’s fee for the HVAC and windows, the Capital Campaign fund has approximately 192K remaining, when all pledges are complete (with about $30,000 on hand now as mentioned above).

The discussion turned to the capital expenses for the rectory. The vestry approved paying the last draw from the capital campaign which covered a small overage of slightly more than $1000 on a $80,000 project.

Lighting in the church is the next step in the capital campaign. Alice Thomas, Tim Matlack, and John Kelleher are paying close attention to the lighting needing to be replaced, studying the location and illumination provided today, and want is needed to properly light the church. Four options are being considered for how the new lighting design will be developed.

Another early priority will be painting the church. The painting needs to be completed by September or started after that to accommodate a September wedding.

The church is contemplating a volunteer work party in May at the rectory to repair and refinish the deck. Assuming the deck is found to be structurally sound, power washing and weather proofing will be needed.

2015 Vestry Retreat: The vestry retreat will be April 17-18. The retreat begins with a dinner at the rectory followed by the retreat session from 8:30-4:30 on Saturday the 18th. Mtr Leslie is seeking a facilitator to guide the vestry deliberations on the 18th and a location to hold the retreat.

Rector’s Report: The vestry went into executive session and then returned to regular session. The vestry agreed motion to pay the parish administrator $21 an hour for 24 hours a week plus required canonical benefits (pension) and up to 8 days vacation.

Vestry Ministry Liaison Reports:

Dates for the Shrine Mont weekend retreat are being considered. Normally it is the second weekend in September, but this year it may be the third week (Sheldon).

Alice Thomas reported by email on the Capital Campaign and that WOW is doing well.

Karen Ruff updated the vestry on Mission and Outreach meeting she attended this past Sunday. Mission and Outreach is doing great things. Here are some highlights: Rebuilding together is coming up in April. Support for the church in Uganda is moving along. The bean bagging project was popular with parishioners and cost St. Michael’s $900.00 from the Mission and Outreach account. A mini walk is planned around Pentecost to support ASPAN.

Youth group will help with the Easter egg hunt.

Dan Botticello reported that Mtr. Leslie and Wil are assembling rules and procedures for our nursing home ministry. For example, the ministry needs training in how to avoid abuse of the elderly. The ministry is also working on getting to know the residents better.

The vestry discussed the importance of recording the sermon for availability, and noted the need for additional members for the St. Clare ministry.

The Senior Warden’s Report is subsumed in the Finance Committee report.

The Junior Warden’s Report discussed a plan for carrying forward the duties of the position.

No new or additional business was introduced. Sandra Phaup volunteered to lead prayer at the May 19th vestry meeting.

Karen Ruff led the vestry in Compline to close the meeting at 9:50 PM


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