‘The Game of Life versus the the Game of Life’ by Maria Abbott

There are certain similarities between the game of Bridge and the game of Life. Here are some thoughts for us to contemplate:

Bridge:           52 cards in one deck of Bridge cards….
Life:                52 weeks in one year of our Lives

Bridge:           40 points to a deck
Life:                40 years old … the peak of our lives. Having acquired all the “pointers” and still young enough to employ them to our own benefit.

Bridge:           You are dealt only a certain number of cards (13) and are only allowed to use that number. If you’re lucky, you are dealt a few Aces, Kings and Queens … these are high values; guard them and use them carefully
Life:                You have to live with the life cards dealt to you, doing the best you can. And now a dissimilarity …. don’t believe in the superstition regarding the number 13!

Bridge:           Depend on your partner. Mutual understanding and good communication (including codes!) are essential for triumphant bidding in Bridge
Life:                Isn’t it just about the same? Talking things over, deciding together, making plans and listening to each other’s “bids” are all MUSTS for happiness.

Bridge:           Contracts may not go as desired. Partners may make errors in bidding or playing. Although the temptation may be to criticize your partner in front of others, please refrain.
Life:                  It is embarrassing and upsetting to be scolded in public…don’t you agree?

Bridge:           A King takes a Queen, a Queen takes a Jack, a Three takes a Two. The highest value wins! Unless you own a few trumps, in which case a humble and lowly Two can overtake a powerful Ace.
Life:                A few charismatic moves of your own can turn a difficult situation into a solution for everyone.

Bridge:           Underbidding means to underestimate what your cards can do. Overbidding means to overestimate what can be accomplished. Bid carefully.
Life:                Same principle … play carefully and forge ahead! Over or underestimating yourself does not always produce good results, does it? Disappointments might follow.

Bridge:           Going down? Overestimation. Over tricks? Underestimation
Life:                There are times when we aim higher than we can achieve, the results leaving us somewhat disappointed. And sometimes we underestimate ourselves, and our abilities bring about so much more than we envisioned … blessings, windfalls, surprises!

Bridge:           It’s only a game … an entertainment … a distraction … a mental exercise … a “brain workout” at the card table
Life:                Move around as much as possible, participate in activities, and nurture your love for Life!

Finally, advice from an old Bridge player of great wisdom: Bridge is lots of fun and so is LIFE. Enjoy both!!! Join us for bridge on alternate Fridays at 2:30 PM in the Parish Hall. Contact Maria Abbott for more information.

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