Outreach in Haiti: Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

Thank you for your outreach envelope offerings to support the ministry of Tim and Liz Schandorff (niece of Evelyn Bence). Tim is administrator of the MAF hangar in Port-au-Prince, which supports relief flights for other missions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout the mountainous country. Here is info from their current, March, prayer letter:  We want to thank all of you who were praying for a smooth transition for our family back to Haiti. We’ve been back for almost four months and it has gone wonderfully well.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t had its ups and downs… Transportation strikes have paralyzed the city at times, a friend was held up at gunpoint recently, and there is some trepidation in the air about national elections later this year.

Our house has also undergone a good bit of work, which can be stressful–bits of concrete in our ceilings had started to crack and were close to falling, and a mason came to repair more than 15 such spots, hammering out the hollow spots, causing chunks of concrete to fall, spreading concrete dust everywhere and then splattering the new concrete all over as it was slapped back up to refill the holes (see pic above of our living room, partway through the work). A painting crew came to paint the exterior of our house and we have been working to repaint ceilings inside the house.

We have had our fair share of critters recently, too: ants eating holes in my brand new clothes, mice eating holes in food items in the kitchen, poison put out to kill rats and even a scorpion in the garden to deal with!

But these aren’t the things we are dwelling on, these days. Our conversations have been revolving around how good it feels to be back, how much this feels like home and how excited we are to be able to improve MAF processes in a certain way or to reach out to a certain friend or neighbor. We are feeling your prayers and the rest and relaxation we had on furlough is propelling us on to good works.

We ask for your prayer over the next couple of months, as we have a lot on the horizon:

  • Tim will return to the U.S. for a manager’s conference for two weeks in April. Pray that his travel would be safe and smooth, that he would learn a lot and make good connections with other managers from the MAF world, and that things would also be safe and smooth here in Port-au-Prince as Liz and the kids are home alone.
  • In May we will welcome a college team of 10 from our hometown for two weeks. They will stay with us and Liz is in charge of directing the work they will do at the orphanage where she volunteers. Pray that the team would come with hearts and minds ready to serve and to work hard, and that Liz’s preparations would go smoothly (there are a lot of logistics to take care of!). We appreciate you all so much! Please let us know if there is a way we can be praying for you, too

Tim, Liz and the boys

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