January Mission and Outreach Collections


Basket Collection

Approximately 85 pairs of new socks were delivered to recipients at Opportunity Place, thanks to the very generous parishioners of St. Michael’s during the Nov. and Dec. 2014 basket collection. Opportunity Place is located on Four Mile Run, next to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC). It is where the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN) provides services and goods to anyone in need. Many men come in for a shower, to do laundry, or to consult with staff about counseling or public services that may pertain to them. They are delighted when they receive a new pair of socks. It is here too that your donations of toiletries and outerwear are distributed.

In January we will be collecting all manner of outerwear for A-SPAN. So if you received a new pair of gloves, but there’s some life left in your old pair, or any other winter garment, please consider donating it for this month’s outreach basket. Your clean, functional hand-me-downs will be warmly received–pun intended. And as always, new undergarments and toiletries are welcome at all times.

Monica Dinan

Envelope Collection

The January envelope collection will also be given to A-SPAN.

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