A Festive Festival

The Harvest Festival met our expectations for a day of fun and camaraderie! Parishioners and visitors alike gathered on Sat., Nov. 1 to enjoy an array of activities. Here are some highlights:

  • The Parish Hall was transformed into the Archangel Café, featuring Brett Brown’s award-winning barbecue.
  • The bake sale, hosted by the Rebecca Guild, filled several tables with delectable treats.
  • Malarkey, an Irish fiddle band, provided musical entertainment.
  • Parishioner and author Evelyn Bence autographed copies of her new book, “Room at My Table.”
  • The “white porcupine,” jewelry, and crafts sales attracted bargain seekers and early holiday shoppers.
  • Activities for children featured the ever-popular cupcake walk.

The Harvest Festival also benefited the parish materially: based on preliminary figures, we will see a profit of about $3,500. This is a tangible sign of what we can accomplish when we harness our collective time, talent, and treasure. Our community is stronger for it.

While memories are fresh, please help make next year’s Harvest Festival even better by telling us what worked well and what could be improved. If you attended this year, what did you like most, and what least? If you didn’t attend this year, why not? Was something missing? Please click here to share your thoughts. Thank you!

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