August Vestry Meeting Minutes

Attendees:  Mother Leslie, Dan Botticello, Janet Hansen, Greg Hume, Karen Ruff, Alice Thomas, Laura West

Absent:  Molly French, Tad McCall, Mick Sutter

Guests:  The St. Michael’s Audit Team, Terry Dinan and Tom Sheldon

Greg opened the meeting using a Collect from the Book of Common Prayer at 7:35 p.m.

Actions Taken

  1. Vestry approved the minutes from the June and July meetings.
  2. Vestry approved the Treasurer’s Report
  3. Vestry voted approval for the Annual Financial Audit Report to the Diocese and supporting documents, with the condition that the required report on the Rector’s Discretionary Fund be submitted, reviewed and included in the delivery to the Diocese.
  4. Vestry approved Terri Katon as Delegate to the Diocesan Council 2015 (January 22-24).

Audit Committee Report: Terry Dinan and Tom Sheldon explained their findings, which were printed and provided to the Vestry. Their work “was kind of anticlimactic” this year compared with prior years: The abilities of current Treasurer Helen Hines and ex-Treasurer Laura West using the Procedures and Schedule created by Laura resulted in financial documentation that was available, organized and accurate. The one recommendation in the report sent to the Diocese is for St. Michael’s to formalize a planned giving program (a priority of our Diocese) when the Capital Campaign concludes.

The Audit Committee made three other recommendations to the Vestry.  (1) Reorganize the filing of monthly reports for the Endowment and STAMP funds (single file, by year, for each fund) including the Annual Report from the Diocesan Trustees of the Funds on the health of the accounts in which these are banked.  The Treasurer will be requested to add a Reminder to the annual calendar to watch the mail for this letter starting October 4th.  (2) Provide proof that each quarterly Federal Form 941 (showing employee withholding) was mailed.  Laura will discuss with the Treasurer ways of doing this without incurring the charge for USPS Registered Mail.  (3) Ensure the Vestry approves the amount of the financial allowance paid to the Rector for housing before the year in which the allowance begins to be paid.

Missing from the material reviewed by our Auditors was the report of the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. Having returned from travel, Mtr. Leslie committed to provide the report soon. A motion was made to approve the Auditors’ Report and its delivery to the Diocese subject to receipt/review and inclusion of the Rector’s Discretionary Fund. This motion passed, with great thanks to our Auditors and the Treasurer. It was noted that St. Michael’s will comply with the Diocese’s schedule for receiving these reports by 31 AUG.

Election of Delegate and Alternate Delegate for Diocesan Council 2015 (January 22-24): Terri Katon agreed to Mtr. Leslie’s request to be Delegate for the second year. A motion was made and approved to elect her to that service. Response from a candidate for Alternate Delegate is pending to Mtr. Leslie.

Minutes and Treasurer’s Report: The budget for JAN-JUL 2014, with income over budget and expenses below, is in the black.

Finance Committee Report: Acting on the Auditor’s Review, the Vestry noted an action item for December is to approve and document the amount of the payment to the Rector for housing allowance as part of compensation for 2015.

Counters, after delivering the Sunday funds, receive a deposit slip from TD Bank. The Counters are requested to return this deposit slip immediately to the St. Michael’s Treasurer’s office. Activities involved in changing all accounts to TD Bank are going well, with no regrets as to the change. It is hoped that the accounts with United Bank can be closed by 30 SEP.

Capital Campaign Moving Forward in Faith:  Five construction companies have toured both the church and the Rectory using the task-lists compiled by the MFIF Committee. Alice, Barb Adams, Wil Harkins, John Hughes and Mtr. Leslie have assisted in these walk-throughs. Three companies and one other have provided information indicating a desire to proceed with a contract. Alice and Mtr. Leslie will meet next week to suggest members of St. Michael’s, including members of the MFIF Committee who will meet as a group and interview contractor representatives, then select one with which to move forward on construction projects.  This group will work with the contractor to prioritize tasks.

Stewardship Campaign:  The Vestry discussed leadership of this year’s campaign, and  Mtr. Leslie follow-up with candidates. Work on this Campaign needs to start in September to conclude easily before the end of the year.

Parochial Report: The accountant (Scott Mann & Associates) who has worked most closely on our finances has moved out of the area. Work by remaining personnel continues satisfactory.  Mtr. Leslie has requested clarification from them on items required for the 2013 Parochial Report, and expects it soon.

Vestry Liaison Reports:  * The WOW group (“to provoke thoughtful discussion and build friendship and respect”) hopes to begin meeting twice a month.  * A small group is discussing with Mtr. Leslie ways to make the eight o’clock worship service more participatory.   * Karen Ruff and Molly French are preparing to meet on 7 SEP with Katherine Spinney, Melanie Monahan, and Elizabeth Keys (and other leaders, parents) to discuss the Senior High youth group opportunities led by the youth.  * Bible Challenge Buddies will resume meeting in the Fall, and has a new book resource.  * The Bridge Group will resume in the Fall.  * Another meeting on the annual Harvest Festival will be convened by Helen Hines after Labor Day.

Rector’s Report: Kone, the vendor & installer for our eight-year-old elevator, verbally agreed to put us on the schedule after receipt of 50% deposit on the cost. The check was signed at the Vestry meeting. The “repair” involves replacement of the master controller, and suggests the possibility of design defect that might permit some negotiated rebate. In any case, an annual maintenance contract will be obtained.

The experiences around the group “pilgrimage” to sites in Scotland will be the theme of the annual church weekend at Shrine Mont (12-14 SEP).  The presentation will be organized & led by Ann Truitt, and will also be scheduled for Sunday Coffee Hour or other time.

The proposal by the group that uses St. Michael’s facilities during school holidays is expected. The contract normally compensates St. Michael’s with 10% of the fees received.  It was noted that (1) the dates of use were not recorded sufficiently during 2014 to prevent “double booking” with the Pilates group, and (2) the Parish Hall can been excessively dirty after the group uses it. Mtr. Leslie will mention the latter issue to the Camp Director JJ Stein.

Mtr. Leslie will do pastoral care with David Donaldson during hospitalization/recovery 31 AUG – 7 SEP.  He has suggested substitutes during his absence.

Senior Warden’s Report: Echoed the “vexing problem” of a moribund senior youth group, noting the abundance of younger children who will grow into that age range.

Junior Warden’s Report:  no report

Karen Ruff volunteered to lead prayers at the September Vestry meeting. Greg led us in Compline using the form in our Book of Common Prayer. The meeting adjourned at 9:06 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Alice Thomas, Register

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