Christian Formation and Spiritual Exploration at St. Michael’s

A new steering committee is busily at work at St. Michael’s! The Christian Formation and Spiritual Exploration Steering Committee is comprised of Mtr. Leslie, Mtr. Ann, Laura West, Denny Saulman, Cathey Dugan, and Barb Adams, and has the goal of formalizing the many wonderful education and exploration opportunities already available at the Parish, and adding to those a regular, annual series of courses and seminars that track the church liturgical calendar. In addition to biblical exploration in Bible Challenge Buddies, literary and spiritual inquires of the two book groups, and the rollicking theological discussions at Monday Mugs, in October we will begin offering additional opportunities for pilgrimage through learning and exploration. The majority of the offerings will be Wednesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00 PM.

On Sat., Oct. 25, Mtr. Leslie will lead a Quiet Day for the Parish. On Wednesday evenings from Nov. 5 through Dec. 10, Mtr. Ann will lead an Inquirer’s Class (please see the following paragraph for details and how to register!). During Epiphany, from Jan. 7 through Feb. 11, we will offer a series of spiritual exploration seminars called “Pilgrimage of the Passions” which will include sessions on Spiritual Poetry, Spiritual Photography, The Celtic Prayer Tradition, Spiritual Baking, and Spiritual Watercolor. During Lent we will offer a series, most likely on Applied Christianity. And, during Easter Season, Mtr. Ann will teach a biblical exegesis course on the Gospel of Mark.

Our next course offering will begin the evening of Nov. 5 and is a course prepared by Mtr. Ann called Being Episcopalian. This 5-week course is designed both for those preparing for confirmation and reception by Bishop Shannon on Feb. 15, and for all in the Parish who would like a refresher on what it means to be an Episcopalian! The course is structured in modules, so if you have to miss a session or two, that is not a problem! Topics covered will include: an overview of the Episcopal Church, polity, history, our three-legged stool of scripture, tradition, and reason, the theologies of the Church, the sacraments, the catechism, the Book of Common Prayer, liturgy, the hymnal, the Baptismal Covenant, the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds, building and maintaining a strong faith life, stewardship, and will conclude with a scavenger hunt through the church led by Mtr. Leslie!

We are inviting folks who have been around St. Michael’s for a while, or who have been Episcopalians for a while, to volunteer to be a Pilgrimage Companion for a person or family that is newer to the Episcopal Church or to St. Michael’s. Pilgrimage Companions will attend the course with their person or family, serve as a resource for information and to answer questions, and basically to accompany someone in becoming acclimated to St. Michael’s and to the Episcopal Church.

If you are planning to be confirmed or received at the Bishop’s visit in February, please contact Mtr. Leslie. If you would like to attend the course Being Episcopalian, or would like to become a Pilgrimage Companion, please contact Mtr. Ann. On behalf of the entire Christian Formation and Spiritual Exploration Steering Committee, we look forward to an exciting, challenging, and meaningful journey together as we explore and grow in our Christian faith and spirituality!

Ann H. Truitt+

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