Vestry Meeting Minutes, Apr. 27, 2014

Sunday April 27, 2014 in the St. Michael’s Parish HallPresent: Karen, Tad, Janet, Mick, Alice, Mother Leslie

Absent: Dan, Laura, Molly, Greg

The meeting convened at 1:30.

Our meeting followed a 50 minute meeting with the Capital Campaign Committee (Tim, Barb, Kevin, Elizabeth. The results of the survey taken of the congregation regarding selected Capital Repair projects were presented and discussed. A motion was made, seconded, approved by the Vestry members to allow the Capital Campaign Committee to go forward with the campaign with the following general parameters:

  • Target $500,000
  • Kick-off dinner for entire congregation on Saturday 17 MAY, donations toward cost accepted.
  • Pledges due 30 June.
  • Pledge payment period over three years starting 01 JUL 2014.

Our meeting was convened to permit action on two awaited repairs (freezer and elevator) and the need to mitigate further erosion of the concrete steps leading to Ivanhoe Street. Also, the Treasurer Helen Hines had researched options that might improve the operational checking accounts, and we reviewed these.

1)    The freezer repair is scheduled to occur this week and cost around $1,000 (estimated hourly charges plus refrigerant). It will be paid out of the accounting line “routine maintenance”.

2)    Concrete steps show a large hole that permits water to undermine the foundation. Mtr. Leslie had researched three options: (1) fill/patch the hole for $1,100, (2) resurface all the steps for $2,400, (3) replace the steps & walkway for $8,700. Only the third option carries a guarantee. After discussion and recognizing that a fix in the near-term is safer than inserting a thorough re-build into the capital budget, Mick moved to pursue the first option; Tad seconded and all approved. This also will be paid out of “routine maintenance” account.

3)    Elevator is missed by both parishioners and staff. Mtr. Leslie reported that the problem has been diagnosed as a broken drive. Various elevator repair companies said that only the companies directly affiliated with the drive maker, Kone, would “touch” the repair. Kone apparently now uses an entirely new drive, and estimates the total cost around $14,000. One parishioner has provided $1,000 designated towards this repair. After discussion we agreed to take the remaining cost from a Memorial Fund. Mick said he’d try to contact the architect of the addition to gather any more helpful (less costly) information about repair, and Alice said she’d contact an architect that deals with industrial elevators. It was moved by Tad and seconded by Janet to proceed with the repair using these two funding sources pending no further input from Mick’s or Alice’s sources. The motion was approved.

Discussion also involved what might have prevented this breakdown. Would an annual maintenance contract have prevented the malfunction? Maintenance contracts apparently are more than the cost of this repair.  Would annual inspection (required by the county) have alerted us earlier that the Kone drive was a liability? These were overlooked in the past, and will not be so in the future.

Need to consider annual inspection/repair costs in the budget for 2015.   

4)    Changing banks: A spreadsheet with various charges for four banks was provided. At the regular May Vestry meeting, we will consider the cost/benefits of making any changes.

5)    Also to be considered at the regular Vestry Meeting is the addition of child care during the 8 o’clock service. The cost would be roughly another $50/week. Those current attendees will be asked whether they’d use it. If it was available, might other parishioners (or newcomers) opt to attend the early service?

Discussion regarding what accounts to use involved recording what is actually spent in each account like “routine” maintenance regardless of what might have been budgeted. This makes prediction of next year’s expenses lines more accurate.

Mick motioned to adjourn the meeting at 2:15; Karen seconded; all agreed and we disbursed.

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