Mission & Outreach June Collections

Doorways for Women and Families is perhaps best known for its emergency shelter for women fleeing domestic violence and for its family shelter, where homeless families — and their pets! — can find safe temporary housing. In recent years though, while Doorways has continued to provide those critical short-term programs but has also worked on offering more longer term and permanent solutions, including transitional housing programs, financial literacy classes, and a full range of counseling services for its clients. Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population (50% of the homeless in Arlington are families) but Doorways is committed to helping the families it serves find a way to safe, stable housing.

St. Michael’s is a longtime partner and supporter of Doorways, through our yellow envelope collection, basket collection of gift cards for the back to school campaign (watch for more information on that next month), and through our winter socks and tights collection (December). As the organization has seen its funding from the county dwindle over the years, support of people like us has become ever more important. As the Doorways liaison on the Mission & Outreach Committee, it is always such a joy to be able to report to them the results of our various efforts, and the staff is always so grateful for and appreciative of our efforts on their behalf.

Many thanks for your generous support, and i f you have any questions about Doorways and our relationship with them, or ideas for the future, I hope you’ll let me know.

Elizabeth Keys

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