National Rebuilding Day: St. Michaels Gives Back to the Community

On Sat., Apr. 26, 28 members from St. Michael’s, along with 6 volunteers from Church of the Covenant fixed up a home in Arlington. Improving the landscape grading to prevent water from entering the basement was one of the key projects. Throughout the morning and early afternoon hours, sturdy volunteers shoveled, wheel barrowed, dumped, and raked several cubic yards of dirt along the side and rear of the house.  Although record-setting rains fell the following week, the basement remained dry! That was a good thing, because another major improvement was to repair the damage to the basement paneling and floor tile caused by prior leaks. Another squadron of volunteers tackled painting the walls and ceilings in the home’s hallway, living room and dining room. Other volunteers made numerous improvements inside and outside the home. It is quite an impressive list.

  • Spackle wall cracks
  • Replace living room casement window push bar/latch
  • Replace range hood
  • Replace bathroom ceiling vent fan
  • Repairs two toilets
  • Caulk bathroom fixtures
  • Caulk basement windows
  • Replace handle and latch on front storm door
  • Install deadbolt locks on three exterior doors
  • Repair loose hinges on bathroom and linen closet doors
  • Install new shower curtain rod brackets
  • Lay leveling compound over concrete in basement and cover with carpet
  • Install handrail in basement stairwell
  • Install rigid ducting for clothes dryer vent
  • Fix loose storm door window
  • Repair sagging gutters
  • Repair cracks in concrete walks
  • Paint trim on basement windows
  • Paint front awnings
  • Paint undersides of gutters
  • Seed and mulch newly graded areas

A crew from St. Michael’s and Church of the Covenant brought sandwiches, desserts, and beverages to nourish the hungry workers at lunch. The homeowner was extremely grateful for all the hard work. Thanks to all for a job well done. We’ll do it again next year at a different address!

 Ed Menoche

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