M&O news: From Missionaries Tim and Liz Schandorff

Dear friends at St. Michaels,
photo1170Greetings from Port-au-Prince! As I write, I am enjoying the cool, fresh air following last night’s hard rain – the first of rainy season. I am grateful for the clean breeze following a longer than usual period of dryness and dust. Crops in Haiti have suffered and many are left hungry. I imagine how pleased the farmers must have been last night, listening to the rain pound on their tin roofs, picturing their plant shoots drinking in the water, visualizing carting their crops to market and having food to feed their families.
The last few months have also been a season of difficulty and dryness for our family. We battled with homesickness around Christmas, and at times the everyday logistics of life in Haiti have gotten on our last nerve. Should we turn on the generator tonight or wait for city power? The cistern is almost empty again; should we order another water truck or wait and see if it rains? Can you understand this man’s Creole?-because I can’t! We have also grappled with feelings of physical insecurity following repeated break-ins at a neighbor’s house and a missionary friend narrowly escaping a kidnapping attempt. (She was shot in the leg as she ran away.) Some days, it all just seemed too much.
But God has been so faithful to us, to bring friends and supporters alongside us, to show us small daily graces, to bring words of encouragement along when we needed them most. A couple ofdays ago, we also heard some soul-quenching news that for me seemed to mark the end of our own dry spell. A ministry that Mission Aviation Fellowship often flies for reported a successful new church plant, in which several people have recently come to know the Lord. News like this makes all the difficulties worth it: a beautiful reminder that we are a part of the glorious body of Christ, working together to bring in Haiti’s spiritual harvest. Thank you for being a part of this ministry with us, through your missions giving and “yellow envelope” campaign!
With gratitude,
Tim and Liz Schandorff [niece of Evelyn Bence]
Read more on the MAF website and the Scandorff family blog
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