Mission & Outreach News: Child Fund International

The outreach envelope collection for February is for Child Fund International (CFI). St. Michael’s has supported children from around the world through CFI since 1992. Our sponsorship of these children provides them with nourishing food, medical support, and a good education. Our funds help not only our sponsored children but also the communities in which they live. We currently sponsor five children. Melvin, whom we had sponsored for many years, moved away from our sponsorship area, so we now sponsor Dery, also from Honduras. He is a nine year old boy who lives in a poor, rural community in the western part of Honduras. Along with Dery, we sponsor AlontĂ© in the United States, Marcos in Brazil, Mailyn in the Philippines, and Wilhelmina in Indonesia. Every year, St. Michael’s receives progress reports on each child. The reports include details on how well the children are developing in areas such as health, education, and program participation. It is through these reports that we also see how our sponsorships help entire communities advance. We also occasionally receive letters from the children. Please take a moment and look at the bulletin board outside the church office for the new information on Dery: progress reports, pictures, and letters. You and/or your children are encouraged to write to any of our CFI children. Their addresses are available on our website. Thank you for your continuing generous support of our CFI kids.

–Lisa Harkins, Mission and Outreach Committee

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