Finding (W)holiness: Quiet Day October 26 and First Wednesday Pilgrimage Nights

Finding (W)holiness Wednesday Evening Pilgrimage Nights are back! Through prayers and worship, join me to explore our relationships with God and with each other. We will gather on the first Wednesday evening of each month. In January we will meet on the 8th, the second Wednesday of the month. We begin each evening at 7:30 PM with a service of evening prayer from Celtic and other traditions. After evening prayer, I will offer a meditation on our monthly theme. We will have a time of group reflection and close with Compline. Evenings will conclude by 9:15 PM. There will also be two quiet days in the fall and winter for prayer and reflection.

Our focus for the year will be finding (w)holiness through our senses. Our next event is a quiet day on Sat., Oct. 26 from 9:00 AM–12:30 PM. This is a time of silent prayer, worship and meditation. I hope you will be a fellow pilgrim for one or all of the pilgrimage nights and quiet days.

Blessings, Leslie+


  • Sat., Oct. 26  Finding (W)holiness Pilgrimage Quiet Day (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM)
  • Wed., Nov. 6  Creatures of the Senses: Sight
  • Wed., Dec. 4  Creatures of the Senses: Sound
  • Wed., Jan. 8  Creatures of the Senses: Hearing

No February Meeting on Wed. We will instead be meeting as
part of a web course on morality in everyday life.

  • Sat., Feb. 8   Finding (W)holiness Pilgrimage Quiet Day (9:00 AM – 12:30 PM)
  • Wed., Mar. 5  Ash Wednesday
  • Wed., Apr. 2  Creatures of the Senses: Touch
  • Wed., May 7  Creatures of the Senses: Smell
  • Wed., Jun. 4  Finding (W)holiness as a Life-Long Pilgrimage
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