Homeless Bagged Meals

One of St. Michael’s lesser-known ministries is the preparation of bagged meals for the homeless men of Arlington.  The photos below show the volunteers who support this ministry busily at work.

Headed by Andy and Amy Botticello and David Donaldson, the ministry draws five to eight volunteers who gather the second Sunday of each month.  They prepare two sandwiches, cookies, fruit, and a fruit juice drink for each of the bags St. Michael’s provides.  The Botticello’s purchase the supplies each month and leave them in the kitchen for the preparation team. On preparation day, David Donaldson trains the newcomers and co-ordinates the work of the entire group.  Later that afternoon, the Botticello’s carry the sixty to eighty filled bags to the delivery site.

The workers include both adults and young people. They enjoy the monthly afternoon sessions and most return as often as they can.  We invite newcomers to join, including children eight years and older.  At this time, we especially need backup drivers to deliver the filled bags to the delivery site.  Backup drivers simply pickup the filled bags at St. Michael’s, and drive them to the nearby location at 6:00 p.m.  If you wish to serve as a backup driver, you will receive ample notice for ease of scheduling.


If you are interested in joining this friendly group once a month, please contact Amy Botticello (Amy@idshomes.org) or David Donaldson, our organist.  You can catch David at one of the Sunday coffee hours.


Judy Andrews

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