Help Mission and Outreach by Voting for Your Favorite Ministries

By Caroline Haynes

What other missions should we be supporting as a parish? Are we supporting the right “mix” of ministries? Vote for your favorite ministries below, and leave suggestions, comments and ideas in comments below.

For more information on these charities and ministries, please see our short summaries of these activities provided by the Mission and Outreach Committee and our matrix of who is supported and how.

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1 Response to Help Mission and Outreach by Voting for Your Favorite Ministries

  1. Previous comments from parishioners:

    Maybe we are spread to thin and should be limiting the number of organizations we support.


    Let’s not be concerned about the magnitude of our impact on one problem or another; small gifts to many good causes are also worthwhile

    Let’s do an alternative gift fair this year to encourage charitable giving for Christmas presents.

    Maybe we should consider sponsoring events given by charities (eg. AFAC fundraiser)

    Explicitly determine outreach focus and align activities to that focus

    Team with Arlington Community Foundation

    The Diocese of VA Committee on aging has an outreach project every fall at Senior Council. They ask committee members to ask their churches for support for this. I usually do not ask but we could support this in the future.

    The 501c3 charities to which we give outside of church would say a lot about our diversity and generosity (collecting names of donors and amounts not required)

    I had read that local food banks and shelters don’t have enough fresh produce. Does the church have land or are they part of a community garden? Could we grow produce to donate to local charities?

    We’re associated with the Arlington Academy of Hope in Uganda. The school is highly successful and has outreach to local Anglican churches — we might have options to partner with a local congregation..

    The Brackett Refugee Education Fund focuses on educating refugees by supporting teachers, schools and students in Thailand, India, Burma and Bangladesh.

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