Join Open Mike and the St. Clare Society at the Parish Activities Fair

By Kevin Laskowski

Open Mike needs you!

We started this blog back in October to see what we might be able to create for the parish. The website had recently been updated, and people were thinking about ways to add to the St. Michael’s web presence. We’ve tried a few things here and there: getting stories from the parish, posting pictures, and, probably most exciting, testing out a FlipCam and posting Sunday sermons online.

Join us at the Parish Activities Fair this Sunday, and learn how you can help us take the next step! The Fair will take place in the Parish Hall after the 10:00 AM service.

We’re hoping to create a new ministry, something we’re tentatively calling the St. Clare Society. St. Clare was an Italian noblewoman and a follower of St. Francis of Assisi who would go on to create the Order of Poor Ladies, also known as the “Poor Clares” for their fierce asceticism. She is also the patron saint of television. (Yes, there is a patron saint of television.) Apparently, despite being ill and unable to attend Mass, she was nonetheless able to see everything that was happening in a vision on her wall.

And that’s sort of what we do here at Open Mike and on our YouTube channel. If you couldn’t attend Sunday services, you were out-of-town, or if you’re just trying to remember that insightful point that’s right on the tip of your tongue, it’s all online. If you’re new to St. Michael’s or you’re considering attending, it’s all online.

What we need right now is a group of dedicated people, a St. Clare Society, to ensure that every Sunday sermon is recorded. We have acolytes, lectors, and ushers. Why not a camera crew? No cinematic or blogging experience is required; training and equipment will be provided.

If you’re interested in contributing to Open Mike by recording sermons or by writing, helping with next steps in social media (Facebook?!), or if you have some ideas of your own:

  • let us know in the comments below,
  • email us at, and/or
  • meet us at our table at this Sunday’s Parish Activities Fair.
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