What St. Michael’s Means to Us!!

By Ms. Keys’ Sunday School Class (coolest Sunday School class ever!)

St. Michael's 7th-12th grade Sunday school class 01-17-11

Haley, Helen, Grayson, Anne, and Madeleine, members of the 7th-12th grade Sunday school class, work on their blog post. The students all grew up at St. Michael's. When asked to describe what St. Michael's means to them for Open Mike, they came up with this acrostic poem.

Shrine Mont and St. George’s Camp
Transitioning through multiple priests

Meeting Ms. Keys at a parish picnic
Including friends in church activities
Children’s Chapel with the Cooks
Helping the community through homeless bagged meals, youth group mission trip, and outreach
Acolyting and serving with friends
Expressing musical talents
Learning about personal connections with God and HOLY MATRIMONY (Haley’s favorite sacrament)
Spending time as a St. Michael’s family

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1 Response to What St. Michael’s Means to Us!!

  1. Corry Weierbach says:

    Well, it is indeed the coolest Sunday School class ever! These are favorite things of mine at St. Michael’s too!

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