By Kevin Laskowski

And the blog gets a name.  Welcome to Open Mike!

Thanks to all those who voted via comments and email, and to Cindy Matlack for including word in this month’s Guardian.

Remember that to reflect all that St. Michael’s offers, we really need you:

Become a regular reader! Visit the site.  Comment on the posts.  Tell us about what you’d like to see on the blog.  You can even subscribe to Open Mike and receive the latest posts and comments by email.  (See Subscribe to Open Mike! at right.)

Become a St. Michael’s blogger! Send us pictures and posts or volunteer to become a writer. The next time you’re at a St. Michael’s activity—whether it’s adult education or Sunday School, Lydia Guild or choir practice, packing bagged meals for the homeless or attending book club, or even just coffee hour—snap a photo (camera or camera-phone is fine), write three to five sentences detailing what you and others did, maybe get an additional quote from someone, and send it all to

Communicating about what we do is—and ought to be—part of what we do. We want to get to the point where having or taking part in an event here at St. Michael’s means communicating about it.  And when you have something to say, here’s your Open Mike.

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